Votrix is a simple physics-based interactive scenario game consisting of four different scenarios. The player has to use Leap motion (i.e. hand simulator) as the main method of action to progress through the game. We have added four different animals to the four different styles and themes of the scenes, those animals will hit the ground and make a sound like a pinball, each animal has different sound effects and represents a different instrument. Players need to control those animal-bouncing balls to find the final destination and move on to the next.


We aiming to help animals to make noise. Player can use the animal’s body to make sounds by hitting the ground.

For example, the sheep’s intestines are used to make strings, the horn is used to make a trumpet, and there are also instruments associated with animal features, such as the zebra and the white tiger’s patterns, the piano keys and the animal’s ribs, the marimba.


How to play Votrix?


The player will use leap motion to control the cube. The leap motion will recognise waving and grabbing movements to control the cube in each different scene. The goal of this game is to help the animal pineball reaching the target icon and entering next level. During the process of reaching the goal, the animals will make different pitched sounds by hitting different terrains.

I worked with three other students in the same class to complete this Unity physical game from scratch in 7 weeks. Votrix was a big hit at the show and I was mainly responsible for the concept, map design, graphics and code. Detailed design concept, level play and code can be found at: HERE.