The Time machine

“The Time Machine” follows the adventures of an unnamed Time Traveller who invents a device capable of moving through time. Eager to test his invention, he gathers a group of friends and acquaintances at his home and demonstrates the functioning of his time machine. Skeptical yet intrigued, his guests witness as he disappears into the future. “The Time Machine” explores themes of societal evolution, the consequences of scientific advancement, and the potential consequences of social stratification. It remains a seminal work in the science fiction genre, captivating readers with its imaginative portrayal of time travel and its thought-provoking exploration of the human condition.


The Time Traveller travels far into the future, arriving in the year 802,701 AD. He finds himself in a seemingly idyllic world, where humanity has evolved into two distinct species: the childlike and gentle Eloi, who live in small communities aboveground, and the savage and nocturnal Morlocks, who dwell underground and emerge at night.

Initially, the Time Traveller is charmed by the Eloi but soon discovers their vulnerability and helplessness. He witnesses a Morlock attack and realizes that the Morlocks prey on the Eloi, using them as a source of food. Captured by the Morlocks, the Time Traveller manages to escape with the help of a young Eloi woman named Weena.

Continuing his journey through time, the Time Traveller discovers that humanity’s future becomes increasingly bleak. He witnesses the gradual decline of civilization, with future eras marked by war, strife, and the ultimate death of the Earth. The Time Traveller barely manages to escape these perilous encounters and returns to his own time, shaken by his experiences.

In the end, the Time Traveller recounts his remarkable journey to his skeptical friends, who remain divided in their beliefs about his adventures. Despite their doubts, the Time Traveller is left to ponder the implications of his experiences and the nature of humanity’s future.



The Morlock Queen

The time traveler